Output 4 - TeMa

Gender equality in academic teaching – an interdisciplinary perspective (teaching materials)

Set of innovative teaching materials on gender equality and gender discrimination in a context that allows the perception of this complex problem in a diverse educational environment.

Within this output, educators will discover a collection of pioneering instructional resources addressing gender equality and gender discrimination. These materials offer considerable adaptability, accommodating not only the diverse needs of learners but also leveraging the expertise of the instructor. They can be used effectively in educational contexts that promote a nuanced understanding of the topics identified across a range of academic disciplines, encompassing social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, law, sciences (in CS/STEAM/AI).

The instructional materials include:

Scenarios serving as the primary teaching framework.
Worksheets or questionnaires.
Self-assessment quizzes facilitating learner reflection.
Suggested video resources enhancing comprehension.
Interactive post-class activities designed to reinforce learning outcomes.

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Equality, Includion and Diversity
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Media and Social Sciences
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Natural Sciences
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Sciences and STEAM
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