Universal Gender Equality Plan

Dear User,

We want to introduce you to the Universal Gender Equality Plan creator.

It is a free toolkit that will make it easier to prepare a tailor-made Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for your institution.

We have created it by combining, on the one hand, commonly accepted assumptions about the objectives and areas that each GEP should take into account and, on the other hand, solutions that have already proven themselves in the practice of more than 40 European universities.

The toolkit works on the principle of an online shop, where you 'throw' precisely what you want into your basket. So, choose and mix areas, objectives and tasks freely. 

If you wish - you can also 'filter' them by indicating a specific target group.

The result is a customised set of solutions, which you can use to create the first (or next) GEP for your institution.

Important: You will receive the best results from using our creator by knowing what you want to achieve. Before creating a GEP, it is advisable to diagnose the situation and needs in your institution

The above activities can be facilitated by studying the IO1 Final Report and the methodological guide.

Follow these steps to create your GEP draft: