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Diversity and Age

Diversity and Age
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Welcome to the GEPARD training on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, focusing on the intricate theme of Diversity & Age. In this unit, we will embark on a journey exploring general concepts related to three distinct age groups: children, youth, and the elderly. Our training is designed to be engaging and interactive, utilising a blend of theoretical understanding, case studies, and online videos to enhance your grasp of age-related diversity.

Begin by delving into the provided presentation, which outlines fundamental concepts concerning age diversity. The presentation covers the notion of childhood, the development of subcultures among the youth, and the shifting dynamics of the ageing process. Case studies will play a crucial role in our exploration, providing real-world scenarios to better understand the challenges and nuances faced by different age groups. Additionally, we'll leverage online videos to enrich our learning experience, offering diverse perspectives and insights into the realities of children, youth, and the elderly.

Moving forward, we will then transition to an in-depth discussion of the EU Parliament document titled "The Gender Gap in Pensions in the EU." This document sheds light on a critical aspect of age-related diversity, emphasising the disparities in pension entitlements between men and women.

Best wishes on your journey through the Diversity & Age Unit!


  • Use the presentation to introduce the concepts related to age and the diversity within
  • Use of case studies to understand issues related to age
  • Use of online videos to consolidate the concepts related to age
  • In depth discussion of the EU Parliament document: The gender gap in pensions in the EU

LO1: learners can define the basic concepts related to age and ageism
LO2: learners are able to appreciate the concepts of childhood, youth and old age
LO3: learners are able to discuss how age affects access to resources
LO4: learners are able to understand the gender gap in pensions in the EU