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Understanding the Value of People with Disability

Understanding the Value of People with Disability
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Welcome to the Unit on the Value of People with Disability, where we embark on a comprehensive exploration of concepts related to disability, fostering a nuanced understanding of this multifaceted subject. In Part I, our journey begins with a presentation that unravels the intricacies of disability, providing a foundational knowledge base. Accompanying this, a carefully curated set of reading materials will enrich your insights, offering a deeper exploration into the diverse aspects of living with a disability.

As we transition into Part II, our focus extends to the intersectionality of disability with gender. Building upon the presentation, this section delves into the unique challenges faced by individuals navigating the intricate dynamics of both disability and gender. To further illuminate these experiences, we incorporate online videos featuring firsthand accounts from individuals with disabilities, offering invaluable perspectives that transcend conventional narratives.

Moreover, this unit invites you to appreciate the transformative power of dance as an inclusive art form. Challenge preconceptions and witness the elevation of dance through performances by individuals with disabilities. By engaging with this diverse array of materials, we aim not only to enhance your knowledge but also to cultivate a profound appreciation for the value, resilience, and unique contributions of people with disabilities. 


  • Part I: Use the presentation to understand the concepts related to disability 
  • Use the reading material to further your knowledge and understanding on the matter at hand
  • Part II: Use the presentation to understand the concepts related to disability intersecting with gender
  • Use of online videos to deepen your understanding of the issues related with disability directly from people with a disability
  • Appreciate that dance in its elevated form may be performed by people with disability

LO1: learners can define the basic concepts related to disability

LO2: learners are able to appreciate the concept of discrimination based on the grounds of ability

LO3: learners are able to appreciate the world view from the eyes of a person with disability

LO4: learners are able to appreciate how gender interacts with disability