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Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias
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    Welcome to the GEPARD training on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, with a special focus on the unit exploring Unconscious Bias. In this unit, we delve into the subtle yet influential forces that shape our perceptions and decisions, often without conscious awareness. Our aim is to foster an understanding of these biases and equip you with tools to promote a more inclusive and equitable environment.

    Throughout this training, utilise the provided presentation as your guide, offering a structured pathway to grasp essential concepts. Engage with the Implicit Association Tests (IAT), a powerful tool designed to assess individual biases, providing insights into your unconscious preferences. Embrace the use of thought-provoking videos, strategically incorporated to reinforce fundamental concepts and prompt reflections on overcoming unconscious bias.

    As we navigate this unit together, consider the resources as companions on your journey towards fostering a workplace or a study place that values diversity and champions inclusion. Embrace this opportunity to broaden your perspective, challenge assumptions, and contribute to cultivating a more equitable space in society. 



    • Use the presentation to assist you in the flow of the acquisition of the concepts and the use of the resources.
    • Use the Implicit Association Tests (IAT) to assess individual bias
    • Use of videos to enforce the basic concepts and think of ways how to overcome unconscious bias

    LO1: learners can understand and recognise unconscious bias
    LO2: identify different forms of unconscious bias
    LO3: learners can challenge themselves and others about implicit biases
    LO4: learners can become aware of how to overcome these implicit biases