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Mobbing and cyberbullying at work

Mobbing and cyberbullying at work
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Welcome to the GEPARD project training on harassment, mobbing, and cyberbullying in the workplace. I am Gábor Mélypataki, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Miskolc. In the following course, we will deal with a topic that many people as employees have already encountered, or in the worst case they have even been affected by it. And that is mobbing.
The issues will be treated as legal and sociological issues in this framework. Step by step, we move from the concept of bullying to the concept and practical aspects of mobbing and cyberbullying. We will examine the extent to which the law can use its tools to help the victim of such a toxic work environment. This knowledge will hopefully help us to avoid becoming victims or even perpetrators ourselves.

LO1: The Users can learn the definition of mobbing.
LO2: The Users can differ in the definition of mobbing from the definition of harassment.
LO3: The Users can understand the nature of mobbing.
LO4: The Users can realize the level of dangers of cyberbullying